In the rain moment

As a wedding photographer, I always think that any time is a good time to hold your big days like wedding or engagement session, except for one: rainy day. I admit I always prefer a sunny, or at least cloudy day rather than a rainy day to shoot wedding. Sunlight brings an extra special glow to the couple, especially when shooting against the sun. That’s something I’m always after because its look and feel are a perfect match for wedding. It represents purity and blessing over the couple. That’s my style of shooting a wedding. Last November, however, I had an engagement party to shoot at a semi-outdoor venue in Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta, namely the Glass House. That particular day was grey and gloomy. Just before the reception began, it started raining. The venue, fortunately, was covered with tents to anticipate such weather so the couple could still celebrate their day with their relatives and friends.

I saw a spotlight outside the tent as part of the venue decor with strong lighting toward the entrance. I saw that I can utilise it to shoot a moment in the rain with the couple. So at the end of the day, I asked them to embrace the rain and its intimate moments. Without hesitation, they followed my direction after the celebration party had ended.

In real life situation, to be caught in the rain may represent obstacles that will come into our life, but if we face it together, it may turn into a blessing. That’s how I’d like to think about that moment.


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