Mingy & Julia . Shehong, China Wedding

Shooting their wedding was really thrilling. They have wonderful and helpful friends that came from different regions across China as well as around the globe.

To have wedding in a small city like Shehong in central Sichuan province of China is really an eye opening for me as I’m blessed with the honest hospitality from the city like Mingy and Julia and their friends. I will always remember their kindness and trust while I try to suggest at midnight (the event start in the morning) regarding the lighting in the hall to be changed quite drastically, Julia said to me: “We trust you and that’s why we have you here travelling from Jakarta.”

Their wedding reception was filled with emotions especially during their personal testimony and how they embrace each other after that. Truly memorable moment that I could capture and share back to them.

A personal letter snippets from them explaining about the day:

We did have a lot ideas for our wedding, but we knew that we would not have enough time to prepare the DIYs before the wedding. Luckily we have our friends and wedding planner who understood our preference and helped us to bring all the idea together.
The results turn out very romantic and full of happiness. The indoor wedding party was touching. The moment when warm lights shine on the tears and smiles, which we would never forget. The outdoor photo/video session beside the Luo Lake in Shehong, was very nice. A spring afternoon with pretty sky and fresh breeze was a relaxing ending of the wedding day.
Julia was almost crying when she saw the photo animation Rafael made. Because all the touching moments are captured in those frames. Again, the beauty of photo is freezing the most important moment in our life. We are so lucky to have Rafael in the wedding. He travelled all the way from Jakarta, which is most appreciated.


wedding gown by Anseina . décor and bouquet by Li Hongyu, Xue Yang, Qu Yan and Zwedding . makeup by Ivy . video by Ocean Thrill (Sam)