The new Elikon Picture brand identity

As already unveiled through my social media and the web last Tuesday, this writing is about the reason and my new direction with the current brand identity. It’s not just a new look and feel that some may prefer this or the old one. It’s more than that.

To explain more, let me tell you the initial idea of Elikon Picture as a brand. I created this brand from a combination of words. El-ikon (icon). I use ‘El’ from my first name Rafael that ended with el which means God in Hebrew. As I’m a Christian, I believe what the bible says in Gen 1:27 :

So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.

God’s image, Elikon, is us human being along with God’s attributes. What a blessing to know that we are created male and female wonderfully. As a wedding photographer, I would love the picture to reflect that kind of quality. Soft, intimate, elegant, honest and showing unity or connection beautifully. Hope that makes sense to you. On the contrary, you will see none of my picture showing glamour and commercial-looking poses. Instead you will find inspiring moments portraying connection and togetherness. That’s the cornerstone of my style.

Now Elikon Picture has run for 3 years since I went full time. I love my previous logo until now, but I don’t think it can keep up with my new direction. For the past years, I have ups and downs with the business and my family. Good thing is His grace is always renewing. I’ve settled now and have a journey to go. It can be a smooth or an adventurous one.

It’s time for a better brand identity that reflects what Elikon Picture is about: I want to enable more couple, to know their story, to experience what matters in their journey ahead.


New brand 2016

The Mountain and its reflection

A totally redesigned logo from the previous one. Mountain is the chosen illustration for my new direction and journey. The shape of the mountain is depicted as the triangle shape on top. A marriage life is like a journey going up the mountain. You will have ups and downs in the journey. You need to exercise, support each other, and keep being positive to climb a mountain. We all have that mountain in our journey be it in our family, relationship, business, you name it. The reflection and the mesh are us. It’s distorted as we are not perfect being. Even if we have love, we tend to love ourselves more than others. The one perfect is God alone which I depict as the mountain. The mountain and its reflection is inseparable, so thus man and woman should love one another with love from God as the source.

The impact

As you entering marriage life, things may go differently from what you can expect. We never know how the road will be even though we could make plan and backup. That is life that we have to bear and cope. In this case, with all this reality, I think I should make pictures that tell people to stay strong, together and committed with their adventure small or large.


Specifically about portrait session, I’d love to suggest my clients to go to mountain or beautiful natural places for the session. The fresh air and natural surroundings will make us feel restored, according to a National Geographic’s article. I want more people to enjoy themselves during the session whilst at the same time feel relaxed and refreshed after the session. So it won’t be your average photography session, but a retreat. When people see the pictures, they will not only see a lovely story, but feel restored. Indonesia has many beautiful destination that is still pristine. I’d love to travel to those destinations with people who love to experience the beauty of the nation and at the same time having their journey and portrait taken. This may not for everyone but I do offer this for portrait session now.

Weddings and journeys

It’s never a destination that is important but the journey is. Elikon Picture wants to capture your continuous journey before the wedding and after as a family. My passion to capture family and new member/s of the family has grown more than before since I have my own child.

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